golly jeepers

There have been people in my life I wish buckets of lifelong happiness for. It's like I wish I had some magic bags with happy dust in them. It would be a tiny burlap sack tied with twine and it would glow and glitter once opened. Even if I only got a few of them to give away, I would know exactly who I would want to give them to. I would say 'here- something about you makes me want to give you this gift of happiness forever so take good care of it and enjoy!' Some of those people might have just been a one-time chance meeting or perhaps life-long friends or relatives. Wouldn't it be so great if life was really like The Legend of Zelda?

I know for sure my friend Justin would get one of those bags. He's one of my favorite friends from High School. He is freaking hilarious. He was always up for a concert, shopping, skate shop, anything really. He is super easy going and overall enjoyable to hang out with. Everyone likes Justin- he's just an easy person to be around. He was my buddy when I was husband shopping and met almost every candidate. He was around when I was luring Mike and has really been the only one to ever tell me that Mike and I are perfect for each other. He knew me well enough for it to really carry some weight. He helped us unpack and figure out New York wasn't so scary afterall right when we moved there. Although I was thrilled with my new life with my new husband, I was a little sad to be leaving my buddy as we would be living so far away.

It's been some time since I had last seen him. Life does that to friends, doesn't it. So as I waited in the temple for the marriage ceremony to begin I saw a glimpse of his bride in the hallway. I stopped dead in my tracks and lost my breath. SHE IS GORGEOUS. She looked like an angel. She had this peaceful and pleasant countenance about her that I knew I immediately loved her. Then they entered the room together and I got to see them sit, join hands, and look lovingly into each others' eyes in the most holy place on earth. I was overcome with a kind of joy I can't explain. Watching someone else you care about in love and taking on an important commitment in a holy place is a quite a remarkable experience. Watching them together was like seeing a shooting star. She is perfect for him, loves him perfectly. They are going to rock marriage and will have a lot of fun in their lives together.

I always wanted a brother. I don't know what it feels like to have one. Or to watch one go through a fabulous life-changing time. But this must be a little fraction of what it might be like. And I am bursting with joy for him.