you'll dance to anything

Mike's sister, Beka, is in town. Today just her and I spent time in SF, one of her favorite places. I am still not sold on the head-over-heels love for the S to the F many feel, but I can be persuaded.

We started with time in the SFMOMA, it was enjoyable to peruse the photographs of Lee Miller (self-portrait above). I found it interesting to read details about her history and see how her interest/ life path changed the subjects she shot over the years from people to landscape to death.

I found inspiration in some painters, some items I would love to try to replicate our own version of some of the things we saw for the boys' rooms someday. I think it would be nice to involve them in some drafts and final versions of paint on canvas when they are old enough.

I liked Land's End by Jasper Johns oil on canvas (above), I like the words of colors blended into the work and the lack of perfect order in the way it's put together.

I liked this one, above, too. Frank Stella's Zambezi. It is enamel on canvas.

Portrait de Sarah Stein (Portrait of Sarah Stein) by Henri Mattise oil on canvas (above) -this was the only one I liked by him. I love the way her hair is a crazy circle and how he chose for her collar to turn into the background of her face. Looking close at the eyes it seemed to me he spent a lot of time reworking them, using many layers of many colors. I noticed a perfectly intact thumb print in a sharp blue color on the left near the left bottom half of the painting, it made me wish I had seen it painted back in 1916 so I could ask why what left in its place.