thanks, Martha.

I am not a big craft person. In fact, I am not a craft person at all. And I am alright with that. I would prefer a hardware store with nails and wood and gadgets to build things over a store will with paper and stickers and doodlers any day. But on occasion, I brave the craft store and ignore that nagging feeling that there is a bunch of stuff I am probbaly 'supposed' to know how to make and it's teasing me every aisle I turn. Women fill their carts with unidentifiable objects for projects that would leave me in tears if I attempted them myself. I assure myself: It's okay to be out of place here, it's not my thing and it doesn't have to be.
Even still, I do have presents to wrap on occasion and posters to make for church parties, so chin up and forge ahead, Miss Liz.
The last visit I found this awesome Martha Stewart decorative tape. To me, it's just ribbon that sticks, but I guess what she calls it is a little more fancy. I didn't know what I would do with it, I just knew I needed to have it. It could be old news, like the wacky scizzors that cut in a zig zag for all I know. So far I have used it to put a giant A on a gift for a 4 year old (Aidan) and to tape a note to a race car. I wonder if it would be a good bandaid substitute for Mike's nips on a long race. I would make an x on each one. Do you think she makes the tape in black? And maybe she could extend the line to include a complimentary leather mask with a zipper over the mouth? Hooray for the ribbon tape, Martha! I could totally conduct a photo shoot of Mike using it for your magazine.