my frown is upside down

These things make me happy:
1) Banana Republic's new stuff. Although I have been really disppointed in their photography and choice of models lately. It seems this is where they must be cutting costs. The feeling of looking at their goods online versus perusing inside the store doesn't match. This bottom dress, for instance, was a perfectly good dress. Until they threw this dumb hat, dark shoes, and bracelette on the girl. Then made her stand in a hooker pose. Why couldn't they toss her hair into a pony tail, put on some cute flip flops and give her a beach bag? Or a bright clutch? Also, the lipstick needs to go. Who wears RED lipstick in the summer in a WHITE dress? It's all messy, I need to get in there and fix things up. Or find someone who would be qualified to do this for me.

2) These really basic shoes I saw a staffer girl at the pool wearing make me happy.
3) Zane covering his eyes in the ladies locker room as we pass through to get to the pool. This always makes me happy. Only had to ask him once and ever since he has done it on his own. It totally cracks up all the naked ladies getting dressed.