good find

I have held this book in my hands a few times at the bookstore, leafed through it and put it back down smiling each time. Not sure what my deal is, but I have a hard time paying for words when they are all over the place for free on my computer. That said, if you are like me and hold out on book buying because you want to spend your cash on 'really great sushi' instead, you will find this site, stuff white people like, hilarious (freshly forwarded to me from Mike). I imagine the entire book is, too. Dare I indulge in both?

I love the recent entry about bangs. According to this guide: When you are introduced to a group of white people, it’s a good idea to befriend the girl with the bangs. She’s probably the most popular.

What!? I tried the bangs, I looked like a freaking P.E. teacher. For some reason it works on everyone else, just not me. I think it's my facial structure. I will just have to accept that it makes me a nerd. Waaaaaaay better than looking like a man in a wig. Although I like the follow up note: these same things are hated by cooler white people. I guess I just have to pretend I hate things I don't participate in to feel good about no bangs.

p.s. don't to forget to read his post on Whole Foods. I am ready to be best friends now. Officially.