all things suitcase. and more.

Next Stop:

Pasadena. 1 night.

Then The Bay Area. About 2 weeks.

Then back to AZ. For good.

And the next time we live out of suitcases for several days, I hope there is a beach involved. Or mountains with lots of fresh snow on them.

Someday I hope to meet someone who is a ventriloquist.

It always bothered me as a young child to see the puppet get stuffed into a suitcase with no air holes. Probably because every act ends with the puppet not wanting to go back into that stuffy suitcase.

Do you think one could learn to become a ventriloquist, or are you born with that talent? Like those people who can whisper to dogs, or have ESP, or roll their tongue like a taco?

I would end my skit with the ventriloquist begging to get back into the suitcase already. He (I) would talk about how awesome it is in there and how all his friends are waiting for him so they can party in the movie theater section of the east wing.

I want to collect any and all boy dress-ups possible and put them into an old school suitcase that is hard with a combination lock. With letters, the code is letters, not numbers. It will be important for the case to be big enough for a 50's gray felt Fedora hat. No reason. None at all.