We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet

So the Prophet died. Tonight. Not that long ago this evening. And it feels sort of strange. Not panic, not necessarily teary-eyed, but sorrowful. I never met the man personally. But I know him to have been true. Benevolent. Inspired. Led by God. Amazing. Powerful yet tender. Funny. Talented. Direct. Charismatic. Humble. Real. Just to name a few.

I wonder what it's like for him to be with his beloved wife again. I wonder if it's anything like that first time you kiss. Or being together again after a long business trip, only times a million.

Having only joined this faith in the late nineties, he is the only Prophet I have listened to and learned about as an actual Prophet living on this earth in the present. I wonder if this feeling is a little tiny bit of what it might feel like when a parent leaves the earth. I know I will be alright and learn from others the things in which I need to learn, but his example felt like home and his words were just what I needed to hear at times.