so this is the new year

December pretty much drug me around by the hair and not in a kinky sort of way. It began with a list of ways to teach my son about Christ's birth in creative ways in addition to balancing out the Hallmark aspect of it (the gingerbread house, sugar cookies ,etc). Then life happened and threw me into spin cyle and I realized while I was drowning in the bubbles with soap in my eyes that it's not a very enjoyable month. I believe, this year at least, I was the most stressed of all 12 months. And that sure isn't the best way to teach anything, except how this grinchy mama stole Christmas.

There is no need to list the series of tasks and activities I might have reshuffled or even ommitted, but it's fair to say next year I will have a better plan. Much of it can begin in November or even sooner (kids' photos, cards, gift shopping, gift mailing, clothing shopping (lots of us in the family had winter wardrobe issues).

When I get back home I just might rip that page off the calendar and drop-kick it.


As for New Year's resolutions.... I simply hope to never take a road trip with a baby in the car who needs to eat from my body. Tends to turn an 11 hour drive into 16.

okay so maybe some of that was LA traffic, but not much.