girlfriend in a coma

I made a new friend today- first official play date together at her house. Being it was at her house this took off any stress I could possibly have.

I like this part- the first time hanging out. It's easy to talk because you have everything to learn about each other. And all you have to do is ask basic questions. Anything from hobbies, to fav t.v. shows, to daily kid routines, to movies, to pre-baby life adventures, to prior home locations, to labor stories. It's normally easy to leave these kinds of encounters wondering if it went alright cos it seems you would have to pretty much be a loser for someone to not like you over the course of just a couple of hours.

But I suppose it's possible. And only time can tell. A second play date would be an good measure of this.

The boys played well, no fighting or time outs and I didn't even have to leave early in a huff with a screaming toddler under my arms as a move of consequence. Fun had by all!

Then I get home and start to make dinner and wonder more about the things we talked about. If I should have talk about X a little less and Y a little more. If she noticed I forgot to put make-up on today. If she cared. Did she have make-up on? Did she get my sarcasm? Is she overthinking this first encounter too much, as well?

Sometimes I leave wishing I could have left a brochure of who I am.

Are you OCD or Type A personality? If so, you might not like me!

I am often late, quite forgetful, and will always miss your birthday. But not on purpose, some of the people I like best get the least of my memory. I am a Nervous Nelly as a mom and it's the only way I know how to be. This will drive you insane. I obsess about things that worry me and just need you to listen sometimes, then I can bounce back and be fun again. I am very loyal and the things you feel might be the easiest to judge you on, I hardly notice. I am eager to learn from your strengths and offer sincere compliments. I am good about giving you my honest advice and opinion when you ask, even if it's not what you want to hear. But it's okay, cos I worked in HR so I know how to say stuff like that in a decent way much of the time. I will likely find your children easy to love and play with, especially if they are fast friends with mine. When I crave cookies or brownies with gluten, I make a batch and need to unload half of them, so those rare occasions you get the load if you live close. I will make a special drive just to give them to you fresh. New friend, I almost always believe you too quickly and trust you too quickly. Sometimes it's a fault of mine. Sometimes it's what draws you to me. Or drives you away.

At what point will each of us offially decide we like each other or not? Are you one I would call on a hard day? Or go to a girly movie with? Or cry on the shoulder of after my son's surgery? Or laugh with me when I make a fool of myself? I don't expect you to be all of them.

It is always fun to see how human relationships happen.