i wish the world was flat like the old days

For weeks now I keep repeating to myself (in my mind) "It's time".

It's time. Now. It's time.

It's time to not be alright with the excuse that I just had a baby (4 months isn't 'just').

It's time to remember what I feel about the word "diet". In my mind, it's not a permanent way of life, it's a temporary plan to get to a temporary place. It's not a realistic way of living, the gimmicks to cut or drastically change or starve eating routines. Modify perhaps, but in time and moderation.

It's time to schedule enjoyable lifestyle changes that will make me fit again.

To remember that the numbers on the scale don't mean much. It's where it was before in the digital window, but I am not where I want to be when looking at a reflection in the glass. The lifestyle is the important thing to change when working towards a desired fitness level- that is the important thing for me to focus on. And it's time.

Not because the month starts the year, but because it's gross for me wait to become who I want to be. It's yucky to figure out how to hide what needs to go. And I am all done with that.

So...if I am in a shirt that's not super flattering, know it's to help motivate me to get going on this new schedule-not-diet.