sweet and salty

It's interesting how the lives others lead (be it chosen or not) can cause so much introspection on what I focus on. On what is a big deal. And what I worry about, speak of, and spend my free time doing.

Today I read something amazingly happy and something amazingly sad to me. I will post them in the order I read them.

I read on my friend Gabby's blog today about a man who quit his job after the Haiti earthquake and knew he needed to help. He found a group of orphaned children living in a field without any adult support system shortly after his arrival (he just up and moved there to help!). He started what has become a non-profit org (Hearts of Haiti). As a young father himself, Matt Gunn decided to help feed, clothe and educate these children. He's been at it for the last 8 months. What an amazing decision and how truly inspiring.

And then I read on my friend's blog about her daugher, Cami, fighting Leukemia. She is such a sweet little girl! It makes no sense to me at all why she has to have this experience. It hurts my stomach to read about all her tiny little body has to endure. Today is the start of a really hard round of chemo.