I could have stayed another week. Or three.

Tokyo Revisited: Tsukiji Fish Market!

This was our number one favorite experience. If you go to Tokyo- make this a top priority. Plan to get there early (5am) for the tuna auction. There are a ton of electric carts buzzing all around delivering fish from one place to another. It felt like we were in a live game of Frogger. We were for sure in their way. Nearby alleys sold pottery, cooking equipment, cutlery, and packaged foods. I got these awesome bowls. I had much desire to poke fish eyeballs.
Then we stood in line for an hour to have super fresh sushi for breakfast- SO worth it!

I am normally not a big sushi fan, but it was an amazing experience. It was all so fresh it melted in my mouth like brie. You could have zero teeth and eaten this sushi easily. There was even one piece still moving when he cut it and placed it in front of me! Everyone laughed when I asked 'is it going to try to crawl out of my mouth?!' I don't think the sushi chef knew what I was saying with my words, but my hand pretending to crawl out of my mouth and look of horror on my face must have tipped him off. He was well pleased when I ate it.

I attached a video of Mike eating the fresh sushi at the bottom. I think his eyes rolled back into his head a few times. Sushi would be his other wife if we practiced polygamy. He would like to make sweet love to the fresh sushi. You know, if it was proper.

In other news. The Sumida-Gawa river water bus= totally LAME. We passed under a bunch of different colored small bridges. After living in New York, a bridge has to be REALLY amazing to wow me. Apparently it was laundry day in Tokyo because that was all we saw. Oh! And the back side of many apartment buildings. The most hilarious, okay the only hilarious part, was that the tour guide was talking the entire time (in Japanese). What could she have possibly been talking about and for so long!?

Oh and on your right is some laundry hanging out to dry!

Let's count the windows on the back of the building together, shall we? Ichi, ni, san, shi.........
On your left is a building with a golden sperm on it.

Here comes the green bridge. Yep. The bridge is green. Will you look at how green this bridge is. And now we are under it. Oh and now we are past it. That was the green bridge. Green. Oh green is such a wonderful color. Don't you think so? Green.
On your right will be another apartment building. If you look closely, you will see laundry drying in the breeze......