finding myself again!

I dusted off my camera and did some holiday family shots for some friends. It was renewing to say the least. Sometimes I forget how good it feels to splurge in the creative hobby experience. Not enough of that happening in my life lately. I have two more families I have offered to do this season and that's about all I can handle this year before Christmas.

When we lived in New York I was able to have a blast gaining experience shooting friends to build a portfolio I felt good about and had some paid clients. I think it's time to polish it up and figure out how to sharpen my skills and keep at it.

I guess I am wrapping up a long year that left me with little opportunity to indulge in the extras life has to offer by way of free time. My kids are older now, my health is better, my mind is making room for more creative outlet. I'm excited to realize I have more to give besides the childcare/ janitorial services of being a mom and more room to take in some creative juices.
So. You will be seeing a sprinkling of my camera play time in the coming weeks as I edit and toy with shots I love. In the meantime I am off to Washington alone to spend some time with my only sister and her darling children (plus her fireman boyfriend). I brought a special mini skirt to wear while I practice sliding down the fire pole for my family Christmas card (think Bridget Jones and giggle- fair warning R rated clip. The sound of her legs sliding and squeaking down the pole get me every time!).