two thoughts

1) When I am in the speedy checkout lane at the grocery store for 10 items and under, I like to count out loud the items that get scanned for the customer in front of me with well over 10 items. *beep* (coughtwelvecough).....*beep* (ahem_thirteen)....Today the final number was 23.

10 and 23 is a sizable difference. More than double the amount listed on the sign above our heads I kept staring at. Throwing a few packs of gum at it like a bull's eye. I just like to help the people of Wal*Mart with their arithmetic skills. I'm a generous person like that.

2) One of my favorite things about the experience of going to church in Midwood (Brooklyn), NY with an entire congregation of people from Haiti was how they would always confuse me with Katie R. and Katie R. with me. She is blonde. I am brunette. I guess we all kind of look the same to them?

3) There is no third item. It just seems more complete to number things with a group of 3 instead of 2.