of falling in love

(I tried to do the moonwalk in this picture just for you)
I did fall in love with this place The Dump recently. Amazing art and original furniture pieces. I could do 15 blog posts just on their stuff. Love it so. Will return and make many purchases. Just after we take over the streets of Toyko in my favorite shoes. Do you think these puppies will hold up with all the walking? Mt. Fuji? Karaoke? Harajuku? Roppongi Art Triangle? Sumida-Gawa River? Onsen? Sushi? I am thinking of a fun photo project involving all we do and my lovely shoes while we are there.

I had an 'is this chicken or tuna, it says chicken of the sea' moment with Mike this week. I told him I was SO excited to drink Fiji (Fuji?) water on Mount Fuji (Fiji?). He blinked a few times and told me they are two different places. Very different. And then we made out. Not really. But he did let me keep my wedding ring and agreed I could still go with him to Japan. I just have to walk 10 paces behind him. He said it was a cultural thing or something. ?

Needless to say, but crutial to write, I have been pouring over our lonely planet city guide books this week and flagging all sorts of places I can't pronounce. Most importantly, I learned you cannot stick your chop sticks straight up in the rice unless you are at a funeral. Who does that anyway? 10 year olds, that's who. I plan to do it in America EVERY single time we eat rice in public from now on.

And I will need some serious baby powder to put inside my shoes if I will be taking them off all the time. When my dawgs are barking you can hear, oh, smell them clear across town. I know....hotness, right?

And almost lastly is this: What if I fall in love with Tokyo? I'm pretty certain with the vast research I have done a couple hours this week, the awesome bottled water, and that Killers video (was that in Japan?) I am going to love it. Mom, would you move with us? I hear the language is a snap to pick up.

What's the best part about my shoes? Funny you should ask! Sylvia will sit at my feet while I do the dishes and undo / fasten the velcro straps over and over. All 6 of them! Which is like a backwards foot massage. It gets better-this distracts her from climbing into the dishwasher. Or chewing on the E. Coli-laden cooking utensils.