Lord, please bless this woman.

Dear Zane and Evan,

Please don't ask the respite worker who works so hard and is so kind and loving to each of you what is wrong with her teeth. Bless her heart. If I could add her to our dental plan, I would! But I can't.



She said kids she works with ask her that all the time, but she uses it as a learning opportunity. She tells them they better brush their teeth so they don't end up looking like hers. And how not everyone has a pretty smile.

I know! Didn't your heart just break into a million pieces? I wish I could give her my back teeth and she could use them for her front teeth or something. I wish I could help so kids wouldn't ask her about her teeth anymore.


Usually at night Evan freaks out and wants to brush his teeth on his own. Won't let me help him one bit. Tonight he looked long and hard at his tooth brush and said, "Mom, will you brush my teeth for me?"


It's interesting having a stranger join your family routine each day. Praying as a family can't stop so she just joins in! Reading the scriptures as a family can't stop! So she listens. Tonight she got to hear about how Jesus healed a deaf man that couldn't talk very well. I wish I could bring her to Jesus so she could have her teeth healed. She deserves it.

I wonder what she thinks about coming here. I wonder if she enjoys hanging out with us or if she thinks we're freaks.