Dear Mike,
Tonight you would have been so proud of Zane. He made dinner all by himself. And ate it! He made pizza. And we had purple grape juice with dinner, which the kids go nuts over. They were so excited about the bubbles that form on the top when you pour it into a cup and how it looks a little bit red at the top. Evan has asked about you every single day.

He says Dahdeeee? instead of dahdah? now. Zane is remembering (on his own) the number of days until you come home. Sylvia's eyes whisper hello to you.

Today she grabbed onto a rattle and chew ring. She got them both, happily, into her mouth. Still no tooth! Zane's new tooth is growing in so fast. It looks like the edge of a saw. The space in his mouth makes his 's' sound really cute.
Tonight before bed the boys decorated with the second annual tradition of vinyl stickers on the sliding glass doors. I was disappointed I couldn't find 'Live Laugh Love Halloween!' wording.
Tomorrow we will do a craft. I know, weird. Me doing crafts. I am certain it will involve candy somehow. Should turn out comical.
Enchantingly Yours,