Growing up in Arizona October was always my preferred month. But I think March might have it beat out. Simply by the beauty of color that fills the trees as blossoms appear and rainbows in the sky and the gentle weather right before the heat of the summer begins to make an appearance. March is the last ditch effort of outside play without question. And butterflies galore.
October still holds a special place in my heart. Good things always happen in October. Although you could truthfully say that about any month if you watched closely enough for the good.

The thing about October is all of a suddent it's enjoyable to be outside. There is no racing in and out of the car. All of a sudden there is no sweating. And even though it looks the same outside through the window as it looked last week, it FEELS breathy outside. While the rest of the country wraps up summer fun and lets go of their outdoor season, us Zonies are finally coming out of our air conditioned homes and feel ready to take walks, hit the park, go on pinics, and begin to live a comfortable outdoor life again.

So....start tracking the good, because this month will be filled with it. I plan to pull together a cool wreath made of Halloween candy this month. How excellent is that?!
photo from here.