boy oh boy

I could photograph each of my children all day long. This One happened to be most available that day when I needed my photography fix. Oh, and btw, it turns out a #2 on the shaver makes for a really, really short hair cut. And ages your sweet, innocent two year old about three extra years.

I landed on this site today from Cup of Jo. I simply love it. Read every single entry. It's a father giving 1001 points of advice to his unborn son. My favorites:

293. Don't shout out requests at rock shows.
282. Never swing at the first pitch.
277. Fish don't have eyelids. Cast into the shade.
270. Stand up to bullies. You'll only have to do it once.
247. Twice a year, write down your goals.
234. Thank the bus driver.
226. Never ask about another person's grades or salary.
222. Don’t boast about projects in progress. Celebrate their completion.
220. Until you are a doctor, never answer your phone at the table.
That goes for emails, texts, twitters, and tweets.

It must be cool to be a father. Mike, you get to teach our boys all your secrets of the boy world. I hope they listen to you. Cos you're a great man and have loads of awesome things to tell them about the world.

Of all the lessons, I hope they pick up on the one about following The Prophet. It's sure helped us make some big decisions over the years.