written as if i really take naps

I took my kids to the park today. As we walked over I imaged their smiles as they would run up the stairs and fly down the slide! We would play chase around the play structure. They would laugh, all would be merry at our park day. I imaged this as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. It's already summer in Arizona, did I mention that part yet?

How did it really end up? They sat in rocks and shared a bag of Cheetos next to a trash can. They could have done that in the back yard while I took a nap. Freaking park effort wasted. Next time- park snack is going to be a can of lima beans.
Let's not forget the neon orange powder explosion that occurs when they eat Cheetos. It's like a dump truck of pollen and honey. That stuff is impossible to clean. Yeah, I remember them being all delicious and awesome for a snack. Until you hand them to messy people you are in charge of cleaning up. Then they are much less delicious and awesome. They are now removed from the grocery list for at least 5 years. Imagine the hours of work/ clean-up associated with that Costco-size bucket of cheese balls? No thank you.