This picture makes me so happy. Zane was out front riding his big bike without its training wheels for the first time. He was going FAST. Mike and I were so proud of his courage and bravery taking on this skill and mastering it with so much joy! So naturally, I was taking photos.
Sylvia had just woken up from her nap, so her pigtails were especially messy and cute. This was the first time she has been able to wear this t-shirt. It is from her Aunt Rachael, a gift for her I got a Pita Jungle before she was born.

Mike is home, all just feels so well when he is home. I love watching him find his own natural groove with the kids. Random trips to get ice cream or stepping out front to play where the kids LOVE to. He's rockin his raw denim jeans I would have told him not to buy, but he loves them so there you go.

Evan and his crooked helmut. He wears it without complaint and it never sits correctly on his head. Giving away all the boy clothing this week and he found his most prized Plex shirt from Aunt Lisa. It's about 3 sizes too small, but he insisted on wearing it. It makes me smile. I love how happy it makes him.
The new neighbor's weeds. They really ignore their yard and it is starting to crack me up. I mean, after having it sit half built for so long, who cares about little weeds? At least I have a real live neighbor with a completed house!

I love my family. I am so glad I got my temple recommend updated this week on a day when I was really grumpy about some things. I love how the idea of going to the temple with my husband on a regular basis is a goal we both have that will bring us even closer together despite his constant travel. I am so lucky to have my mom who comes to help me with the house and kids often and my in-laws as well that are available any time we need them. It's going to be a grrrrrreat weekend!