This morning I spent some time being a photographer for my friend's husband who is a musician (above). I am well pleased with many of the shots I got- he loved being in front of the camera. This made my job easy and enjoyable! His wife game along and they both had great ideas along the way of spots to take pictures in the downtown Chandler area. Then they bought me lunch. It was a great morning.

Then in the afternoon I had my first drumming lesson since Sylvia came around. It felt like riding a bike- I seemed to be able to pick up right where I left off a while ago. Luckily my technique is good and I can keep good time. I will be working on drum fills which are a blast- they are like little mini solos within a song where you break away from the beat and rock out a unique fill of sounds any way you want. I brought my pink drum sticks Evan picked out for me for Christmas. They would normally make me feel like they are too Girl Power for my taste, but sweet little Evan can't be denied the chance at being part of my drumming experience.