So. It turns out Autism isn't really that big of a deal when I allow life's perspectives to shuffle into place.
When something huge like Japan's earthquake and tsunami hits I find I don't even know where to begin praying. So many things are urgently off and so many people need medical, temporal, and emotional support. I wish we all had helicopters filled with emergency packages that could get automatically programmed to fly over and assist quickly. Imagination world is fun to visit- everything is an easy fix in magic mind. Try it!

But don't forget to pray for some or all of the help they need over there. Just cos magic isn't really going to be able to do it, afterall. And I don't have those helicopters programmed just yet.

*photo from cnn
Of all the photos I have seen of the devistation this one captures my heart the most. The debrit. The people standing safely above it, yet so close to it they could touch the things floating on the water if they wanted to. The woman's face is so different than most expressoins I have seen in photos of natural disasters. I wonder what she was thinking in that moment. I hope all the survivors get the things they need quickly.