thoughts on karaoke

Last night we had a fun ladies night doing karaoke at Native New Yorker. This was my third time in a public karaoke setting. I have come to the following conclusions.

* Country songs are more boring than ever at kareoke night
* Vanilla Ice will always be a crowd pleaser
* I am much better at drumming than singing
* It's best that one not close his eyes when singing that love song
* Love songs put the room to sleep
* The people who sing and walk around the room at the same time are awesome
* The people who sing rap songs well totally rock
* Alicia really wants to sing Waterfall by TLC
* Someone needs to give it all they have with a New Kids On The Block song so I can laugh so hard I pee
* I really want to sing Particle Man by They Might Be Giants
* I will only sing songs with boy singers
* I will go again
* Mike better go and sing Billy Idol or Alanis Morrisett
* It wasn't that different of a feeling compared to playing Rock Band
* It's kind of fun to dare to do something that scares you, like singing poorly in front of strangers
* Everyone loves The Violent Femmes
* Heavy Metal songs are entertaining if you have a die hard fan for the singer

He does it a LOT better: