eleven years

Mike and I started dating a second time around sometime in 1997. He invite me to join him at a rave and I offered to cover dinner. I prepared an elaborate picnic and hid it in the trunk of my car. He had no idea what I planned as we drove and listened to the Trainspotting soundtrack. We made it to Squaw Peak and ate by candle light overlooking the valley. It was a perfect night.

engagement photo

In 1999 we ate at Houston's and played Truth or Dare waiting for our table. I remember watching him, on a dare, run across the parking lot to kick a post near outdoor eaters. I thought it odd his hands were in his pockets the entire time. In the darkness of the night he lost his way taking us to our next destination and we almost got into a car accident. The other car followed us for a while, but we lost him. Like we were criminals in hot persuit. He suprised me with a trip to Squaw Peak. By the light of the moon he took a big box out of his pocket. He presented me with a beautiful ring and an amazing offer to be his wife and live our lives together forever. I said 'of course'! It was a perfect night.

Last night we returned to Squaw Peak for the first time since 1999 and stood in that same spot together. How much we have experienced and changed in these 11 years of marriage. We sat together talking about the past, our children, and the future. Talking about good times and harder times while looking into one another's eyes without interruption. It was a perfect night.

It's been fun to reflect back on the many years we have been together, flipping through old photos and remembering the different phases of our relationship.


1999 honeymoon

2001 Paris and yikes short hair.

2002 Central Park

2003 Coney Island

2004 Boston and very pregnant.

July 2004 enter Zane. We become parents while living in New York.

2005 Easter

December 2006 Evan's in my belly, but I didn't know yet! California living.

Dec 2007 Evan is the baby now (photo by Beka)

Dec 2008 (Sylvia's there in my tummy!) Our first Christmas in AZ in our first home.

Dec 2009