yes, she writes of the potty

Tokyo. Volume II.

So that whole bidet experience? Where water can squirt up to further 'clean' you? Not a big fan. Nope. I am just fine with the little paper and air.
It actually felt like someone was peeing up my bum with cold urine.
See that little picture below of the person sitting on the toilet chillin while water shoots up? That was not me. I was like hells no get me away from this cold pee on me feeling! I did, however, LOVE the heated seat. That was awesome. Mike did a good job manning the controls of that funtion. I can't for the life of me figure out how he turned that on with this control panel.

Ready for more potty talk? We were visiting a shrine and I got in line to use the public restroom. It was a long line, but finally began moving. It was then I noticed the four elderly Japanese women in front of me tucking the bottom of their pants into their stocking hose. I leaned over and watched each of them and wondered why, but realized they were older, wiser, and well....Japanese. So they knew something I did not know. As did my friend Laurel, who happened to write about potties this week, too.

I bent over and cuffed up my jeans drastically like I was going to enter a flood zone. The Japanese woman behind me roared this amazingly loud and heartfelt laugh (odd for such a peaceful, quiet kind of people) . She looked around to see if anyone else observed me, but no one else got to enjoy the white girl yanking up her pants. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled at her, eager to see what was behind these restroom doors.

Well, it was a toilet without a base! How does a toilet without a base even exist? Somehow I needed to squat in this tiny box and aim into this porcelein hole in the ground. It was so odd to me. I had no idea which way to face and bashed my head into the toilet paper dispenser with my pants at my ankles as I tried to perfect my squat while leaning forward to watch my target. Wait, I was facing the wrong way! Then I bashed my head into the wall because I turned around without standing up for some brilliant reason. I was beating myself up, literally, trying to figure out how to pee. It should not have been this challenging. But I can always find a way to complicate things. It still cracks me up to think of how funny it would have been to see the whole ordeal from the outside.