Tokyo. Volume 1.

Their ice cubes are thick, solid, giant squares (true cubes, if you will). So massive that you would really hurt someone if you threw a single ice cube at them. Break a window if you wanted to, even tossing it with minimal force. Each time I drank water from my glass of neatly stacked ice blocks, which btw rapidly dispursed chilling refreshment to my mouth, all I could do was wallow in envy. Freaking wussy United States ice cubes.

Mike loves Diet Coke. I love Sprite. Tokyo does not have these drinks. Not even in restaurants!
They do, however, have beverage vending machines packed with a gazillion varieties of other drinks on every single street. Usually 3-4 machines lined up side by side.
He ended up drinking Coke Zero every day and I chose orange juice. We put a lot of money into many-a vending machines.
I figured I would start off by telling you about the least interesting things first.