One summer when I was in High School I babysat my little cousin each day. She LOVED Barney and had a crush on the little boy name Michael. He was the cutest one on the show, actually. Not knowing much about kids, I thought it was cute at such a young age she would already have a strong interest in a specific show among the dozens available to select from.

This morning I was flipping the channels to find something for the kids to watch while I lay on the floor wishing I was still sleeping. It was then that we bumped into Barney. Evan was immediately interested and the smile on his face made my itchy trigger thumb freeze over the remote buttons. He told me he likes it when they sing loud and when they sing soft. It made him so happy. So we watched it. Sylvia was also mesmerized.

Zane, however, grumbled about how dumb the show was. Often. I had to be an advocate for the little ones and let them have their Barney. The best was at the end when the show was closing. That soft lullaby tune began and Zane stood up in a fit of rage and said between gritted teeth with his voice getting louder and more angry with each word:


He quickly ran out of the room just as they began singing I love you, you love me.....

I have never seen him react this way to any show. Ever. It was so funny I laughed for 5 minutes.

I can't decide which voice makes me want to rip off my knee caps more: Barney or Elmo.
Lastly, I wonder who would win at Celebrity Death Match? Should we vote on it?