The Update

Week One: Was bliss. Dad home 100%. We got to enjoy each of our children and blend Sylvia into the family smoothly. It was easily one of my very favorite weeks of my entire life. There was just something special about feeling together as a new family of 5 fo so many days in a row without anyone missing.

Week Two: With Dad back to work we knew help would be welcome. Meals brought in, grandparents stopping by to help, and friends bring by gifts and cookies almost every day. Busy. Doctor appointments. All kids got sick. Although Sylvia started sleeping 4-6 hours at a time at night, I was up checking for fevers often and stressing out to the max about the two littles the most. Friday was my very first day by myself and let's just say we're grateful for movies. I was official sick by Saturday. Week Three: I have to say being one man down in a one man operation is sort of a problem. 4 nights in a row I have been up through the night coughing my brains out. Finally today I got proper medicine and diagnosis to get better. Oh if only I could sleep for longer than a 2 hour stretch and cough-free. That will be a glorious night. Almost as glorious as the evening of the six week mark. Which is taking a really long time to arrive for some reason! Kids are on the mend and help once again will be needed this week while I get better. I am so grateful for family, friends, neighbors. Bonus- I found my waist again this week. It's barely starting to show itself, but I was happy to see it again none-the-less.

It's so interesting how easy a baby's needs are when you compare them to the ages that come after newborn. She's a piece of cake! Well, more like a little doll I get to dress in all sorts of outfits, try out accessories and brush her hair all pretty.
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