journaling my inspiration

Pretend it's not a recession and imagine how awesome this crib is. The color combo of the crib is a newer to me look I really like. I found this off the Skip*Hop site looking at their bedding. If I were in the market for a new crib, I would shoot for this look. The bedding is cool, but not what I am looking for.

Here is another sample of this look of furniture I like from The Amy Coe Westport Collection. Not crazy about the colors of the nursery in the photo but love the furniture.

I like this bedding below from Pottery Barn Kids. Still working out my color scheme desire. I think it would look nice with pale pink matte walls and another pale color of artwork framed on the wall. I imagine having my own photo shoot with some of those pale sweet tart suckers that are not perfectly round, a little chalky. It would be easy to go with a round theme for decoration.

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