It goes without saying the best part about elementary school for me was P.E.

It was especially exciting on the day they would bust out the awesome parachute. Never fail, every year all us kids would knock into each other when 'everyone wearing red' got to run under it and trade places while the rest of the class held the edges down. I think it was the time in school where everyone would be smiling and laughing at once and no one would get in trouble for it. I always wondered why we didn't do the parachute games more often.

You wanna know what made me think of that this month? Because it marks the beginning of the end of my pregnancy. And that essentially means that my underthings consist of enough fabric to make an entire parachute. How fun would it be to stitch one together for this little baby girl after I give birth? Who needs a quilt made of baby blankets anyway? Parachutes are waaaaaaaaaay more fun.

Photos from here and here.

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