So long, Redwood, and thanks for all the fish.

Dear New Family,

I wish I could convey to you all the goodbyes in my heart so you could know of this sacred space you've come to purchase. I know it probably doesn't feel that way to you, not yet anyway. But know that we have been praying for you to find this home. Even my little children took to their knees with us to ask Him to help the right family find our home. Sure, the double mortgage we were swinging with 2 homes wasn't a blast, but it was most important to me that the right family move into the home we were letting go of.

The last time I walked through to leave the keys on the counter for you, I flashed through so many special moments that took place within the walls of that space. We grew a lot as individuals at Redwood Place; and as a family unit. My oldest was an overwhelming and angry preschooler who had trouble just standing in a line for a short amount of time when we moved in. He made the most progress of all of us in the years we lived there. Miracles occurred you wouldn't believe in regard to the talented therapists that were part of our lives. In that home they taught all of us how to understand this boy that was such a complex mystery to us. He's 10, now, and an untrained eye would never know he has healed so much from the harsh affects of High Functioning Autism.

My middle guy was barely walking and loved to hang from the hem of my shorts as I stood cooking dinner in that gorgeous kitchen. I can still see his bright blue saucers for eyes looking up at me and giving the baby sign for milk. Sorry the cabinet stoppers are missing, it was his favorite thing to pick them off and eat them. If he wasn't hanging from my shorts, I knew it was time to fish a rubber stopper from his mouth. This week he just wrapped up a strong baseball season as a tough 7 year old.

This was the home we brought a brand new baby girl to when she was born. We all gathered in the kitchen to watch her sleep in her car seat on the table that first day home. She learned to walk on those smooth tiled floors with her little toes slightly pointed in. Always smiling, always happy and social. Now 5, she skips and runs and rides a two-wheeler without training wheels.

The hardest part of leaving is the great neighbors we will miss. I wish I could tell you about every family and the kindness we received getting to know many of them. I wish I could show you the miracles of my health and Mike's health that occurred within the walls of Redwood Place and the support system we had living among us. I wish I had a window that allowed you to look into my heart and see what I feel when I think of your new home and the lovely people around you. It's a special place that was tough to leave. But my mother heart knew it was time and He guided us to a new place we're learning to make our own with new memories and new friends.

I know you'll take good care of what was our first home because I have no doubt it's where He wanted you to be at this time in your life. For reasons you may not know or see until many years later.  

All our love,

Former Redwood Placers