Today I got to teach Sunday School to the 15 year old boys and girls at church. We talked about times we knew The Lord's hand was in our lives despite hardship. I am grateful for two reminders in my life when I knew that to be true. One was a near accident with a car when I was running in Brooklyn many years ago. I felt arms holding me back keeping me from stepping into a speeding car. Yet no one was behind me or anywhere near in proximity. I was protected in that moment in ways that may not make complete sense to me until I am on the other side of the veil.

Another time was Mike's fluke visit to the ER for a sore neck that ended up being the way he learned of his brain tumor(s). The Lord guided him there in ways we may not fully understand until the other side of the veil. But I have no doubt He had a hand in both guiding Mike to health experts whom could find it and also comforting our family with peace during such scary weeks and months.

Much like Henry B. Eyring says in his talk linked below, these experiences are not just for us. They are for us to share with others so our testimonies can grow and teach. He kept a journal so his posterity could learn from them as well.

I challenged the youth today to keep a journal for 2 weeks on how The Lord's hand is in their lives daily and I welcome you to do the same.

Watch or read his talk here: