I was briefly part of a 3 piece band several years ago. I took a real interview from a successful band and answered the questions myself below. Just because.

You formed the band right after what had to be the worst week ever for you. Why did you start a band?
I wasn’t having a bad week, actually. But I was a bored housewife. It was always on my bucket list to learn the drums, so I took lessons. I found myself needing accountability and a reason to learn songs. Learning to keep time with other musicians seemed like an important thing to learn as a drummer. Essentially, I joined a band; not started one. The idea scared and excited me, so I tried it.

So where did you find your band?
Craig’s List East Bay: musicians wanted. I had already auditioned for one band and met some nice guys that were ready to record, so I was obviously too new for them. Then I met up with Nigel and Jason at a rehearsal studio in Oakland. Thankfully, no one murdered me so that worked out in my favor. They invited me back and we worked on cover songs every week on Thursdays 7-10pm.

How did you get him to change his mind?
Um. Hrmm.I have no idea what you are talking about.

What made you pick up instruments? How old were you?
It was a dream of mine. I had been reading a book about how to live your dreams. It is called Live What You Love: Notes From an Unusual Life by Bob and Melinda Blanchard.  I knew I would eventually have another child in the coming year or two, so it was my small window of time to learn something new for a little while. It seemed like the right season in my life for it and happened to know someone who was a drummer in a band that played often in NYC. He was willing to teach me once a week.  I believe I was 28 or 29.

What band would you dread being compared to?
I guess to answer this I should think of a band I would never want to emulate and that would be The Spin Doctors. Or any sort of heavy metal.

What do you love most about LA?
Oh, I don’t love LA. However, I did love Nor*Cal. One could go in any direction any time of year and see something amazing. Outdoor life is a year-round lifestyle. I often joked while living there that if you didn't beleive in God spend some time in the east bay around spring.

What was the worst show you ever played?
We never played live. But there was a rehearsal where we played a song by The Cure and I totally missed my cue into the song and Nigel and Jason just kept repeating their chords over and over looking at me in a really confusing way. Once I pulled out of my daydream and realized it we all laughed. Some other times I dropped a stick in the middle of a song. So, that was lame.

What is the weirdest thing you ever saw at a show?
Me. I went to a Nine Inch Nails show in my 30’s and I was so out of place! I was the only one not wearing black from head to toe. I had on a hot pink skate T-shirt.

They probably weren't listening to the lyrics only the violins.
I don’t recall violins at the concert.

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?
Place myself in it.

I heard you used to work at Filter Magazine. Is that true?
No. I never worked there.

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?
Yes. I sort of have a crush on some hip hop songs that I have heard at the gym. It’s nothing I could listen to on a regular basis, but am starting to get the songs stuck in my head and crave them.

If you could meet someone dead or alive who would it be?
John Candy.

He’s a hilarious actor. I am pretty sure we be good friends. We could make each other laugh. AND I love food, so we would be really good friends. Eating and laughing together. I often wonder if I get to meet him in heaven and hang out.

Finally what is your favorite breakfast?
I am so glad you asked! A hearty biscuits and gravy rocks my world. Eggs Benedict is also tops.