what to do what to do.

Sylvia is home from church with me as she has a goopy nose. While she naps I could:

a) fold the mountain of laundy that's been building for over a week
b) do the dishes that are overflowing
c) make sugar cookies for the kids to decorate when they get home from church
d) prepare a fabulous dinner!
e) wrap Santa's presents
f) organize the scattered toys
g) none of the above.

Obviously I am choosing little g (Big G, R.S.V.P., I'm throwing at your window can you see me, hear me?). Name that tune.

Now.........on to spread some holiday cheer.

* My friend Erin is making a modern doll house for her daughter. Check it out here at Sutton Grace!

* I also love her DIY wreath project. I am SO making those next year! Scan her archives for this bad boy.

* I love the simplicity of this holiday DIY decoration idea from You Are My Fave.

* Free printable holiday gift tags I love found here.

* My friend Tania's amazing list of holiday books to collect and brilliant tradition of giving each of her children a new one each year for their own collection.

* My friend Jen's blog always exlodes with inspiration. I love her snowless snowball fight using huge marshmallows. Totally borrowing that idea for FHE this month!

* I also love her gift party. Everyone brings the same gift for everyone else of their favorite thing under $6 each. So you leave the party with a big stash of your friends' favorites! If I did it this year I would have chosen Sprinkles cupcakes in the milk chocolate variety- 2 for everyone! Maybe this would be a fun January girls night party? You in?
* cupcake photo from here