turn turn turn turn

walnut creek, ca

Somewhere in my path of turning into a mother I read about Waldorf education. From it I read about the notion of presenting the seasons within your home. I love the idea of seasons being a big part of the home environment and learning process for children. I plan to find a space in my home to dedicate to seasonal decoration. The pictures on the wall in that area of the home will change with each season along with some touchable decorations/ toys that will get stored in the same area and be changed out with the seasons.
In Arizona there are only two seasons: Hot As Hell and then Not As Hot. So images of seasons might help them get it. That it snows somewhere every winter. And there is a fun beach somewhere in the summer. I want them to know seasons of each year things are, in fact, changing. Just usually somewhere else.

Bronxville, NY
Rockefeller State Park Preserve (NY)
Bronxville, NY
Bronxville, NY
St. Thomas
The Hamptons
As I work with this space and images through the seasons I plan to pay more attention to the seasons in my kids' world with my camera so I can do fresh images each year, too, that speak to their joys of that time of year instead of my dusty old photo collection.