Sharman's coming over

So......this weekend we went as a family to many more furniture stores than I would care to count. We would tag team it and send in one parent at a time while the other was tortured in the car with screaming children. We borrowed catalogs- read them by stearing wheel ambiance, changed diapers in our laps, and filled up the car with fast food stench. It was a long, arduous day that did not end with any fruits of our labor. Except Sharman.

We giggled on the insides when we pulled our car up to the Ethan Allen parking lot. I was keenly aware of my wrinkled pants, 2001 edition of the J. Crew flip flops I donned, and the messy pony tail that occasionally brushed against the ring of dried spit-up crusted upon shoulder as I walked up to the beautiful store filled with elegantly placed furniture. It was like walking onto the set of a movie where the family they portray is insanely wealthy. It was in no way real, but still clean and pretty enough to make me wish I was wearing a Banana Republic dress with shiny black pumps. It was a place that made you wish you tried a little harder that day to look a touch more presentable before you stuffed the family into the car to leave the house.
No matter, we were on a mission and I took a deep breath and went in. I snuck easily past the lingering sales women at the front desk that reminded me greatly of the information circle you stumble into as you enter The Met.
We are looking for a specific piece of furniture that we have carved out a big budget for and if they have it, we will get it. They have more options matching our taste than prior locations, however, none so far are the perfect fit. I swapped out the car scene with Mike and had arranged for a sales woman to point out the few options I felt were worth looking at. He came back to the car with an appointment for Sharmam to come to our home on Monday. And a catalog to keep.
Now, if you have been to my home this will be just as funny to you as it is to me. It's hard to explain why with words. Let me put it this way- she is going to think one of two things when she gets here.

1) SCORE! This family has great need for furniture in every room. This is the jackpot of clients. I am so glad I had this appointment today!

2) Oh crap. This family could care less about their living space, they are really frugal. I am not going to make any money on this deal. What a waste of an appointment.