More! about Chest!

When I was nursing Sylvia as a baby,  Zane was oblivious. I could have been feeding the baby milk out of a bottle sitting inside of a lion's mouth and he wouldn't have noticed. Evan, however, was used to being by my side and has always been one full of nonstop questions. Much like Macaulay Culkin in the movie Uncle Buck where he asks John Candy 38 questions in a row. That's Evan. He had to learn at a young age that the woman's chest is a private area that needed covering. Even at times when it was in charge of feeding a baby. I knew from his questions and facial expressions little of what I said made any sense and he continued to find the whole area and feeding a baby situation a totally amazing mystery. Often he would try to climb under the blanket and get a closer look or peek down my shirt to figure things out (as if I wouldn't notice).

Years later he still has in-depth questions about The Chest Area, why it can't be touched, how it feeds babies, and why it's a private on a girl, but not a boy. I have a strong suspicion he will turn out to be a chest man. He will either end up being a plastic surgeon or work in the fruits and vegetable section of the grocery store; specializing in cantelopes.


For weeks we have been talking as a family about Zane learning chess. Evan listens patiently as we ask Zane questions about his class and moves. Finally at dinner one night Evan sets down his fork and in an exasperated voice says, "Why does Zane have to learn about the chest!? Aren't we not supposed to talk about privates?!'


Today Mike finally got a call back from The Chess Coach. Between the two of us we are still uncertain as to what country he is from, but we'll figure it out one way or another. Apparently there was a great loss in translation (as in the words coming out of his mouth, not as in the words changing once in my ear). He is making headway with his English and for this I am impressed! It turns out our prideful hope and assumption our son had found a skill and strength in the game of chess was spot on. He invited Zane to participate in a weekend tournament and suggested more complex skills for him to work on at home.

Apparently 'he is not practicing correctly' was his way of trying to tell me 'your kid is doing great- let's teach him more complicated things'. Yeah. Kind of two different messages. He must have spent the week looking up more accurate wording while he waited to call my husband back and this is where we have landed as of today. Who knows what news will come next week, it could end up being a bipolar chess experience with all these emotional ups and downs. In the end, the good news is there is no secret unknown way for him to learn that we had been waiting on the edge of our seats to hear about.

He is on the right track. Yay Team Fuller!