I had the privilege of seeing Luke today. And while I cried and while I hurt and hugged and felt so much sorrow for the situation, the instant I looked at his sweet face the thought that kept running through my mind was: HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I hope I didn't smile, because that would be been wildly inappropriate and would not at all have matched my feelings for the day. He had this sweet smirk on his face like he knew all the special secrets of heaven we are waiting to find out about. I had the desire to reach out and touch his delicious cheek, but I did not feel it was my place. His sacred time on this earth was spent with a marvelous family and I have no doubt he knew he was loved!

The funeral service was painful and peaceful all at the same time. I wish it was recorded because I would listen to the incredible strength and inspiration that came from every speaker and musical number many times over. If it was on You Tube it would be so viral and change lives. It changed mine.

One man sang and for the first time ever I felt like my whole body was levitating; his voice was so astonishing. It was like we were in a dream sequence and time stood still. I have seen Swan Lake, Broadway Shows, and an Opera in New York City where the talent is rich. Yet none hold a match to the sound of this man. It was a pure gift for the family I felt honored to observe. The whole funeral service felt that way. Every single part of it.


I have spent the better part of the evening piecing together the words I heard today and organizing my understanding of death in my head. It's a constant challenge in our lives to realize the bigger picture of why we get bodies and come to earth. Luke is reminding all of us of this and ultimately reminding us of our faith in our Heavenly Father's plan for each of our lives.

I don't think too often about the temple sealing ordinances Mike and I made when we went to the temple in Washington, D.C. all those years ago. I take that memory and importance of that eternally crucial moment for granted.


It was a spiritually raw and sacred experience. I am grateful I got to be there for it.